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Hi! We're Kris and Kristen, owners of Indoor Weather Professionals. Austin has been our home for a combined 36 years (Kris came in 1997 for work, and Kristen came in 2000 to go to UT.) We love our city and all it has to offer, whether we're grilling in our tiny Central Austin backyard, attending music festivals or sneaking off to play disc golf during business hours. We are committed to making Austin a cooler and more comfortable place, while respecting our urban and natural environment.

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Kristen has a background in architecture and building technology, and thinks keeping cool in the Texas heat is critical to happiness. After work you will probably find her curled up with a book (or her Kindle) and drinking a glass of Prosecco. She loves to cook, speaks two languages, and is an Army brat.


Kris camping

Kris loves to be outdoors, speaks three languages, and has an engineering background with 10 years of experience in HVAC. He can fix almost anything, which has come in pretty handy over the years. After work he applies his problem solving skills to disc golf and crossword puzzles.

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Both of us love to travel and have lived in Costa Rica, Honduras, France, and Germany.



We have two tiny dogs who are very supportive except when they're hangry.


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